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Sponsorship and Exhibition

Power Electronics for Aerospace Applications' 23 Nottingham has following sponsorship opportunities:

For enquiries and availability contact us at PEASA'23 Sponsorship and Exhibition 

We will send you the form for completing your application

Availability correct - 28th of Jan 2023

We would like to thank the following organisation for supporting the PEASA 2023 Workshop.

Gold Sponsor


NEMA Ltd specialise in the provision of technically-innovative solutions for demanding applications in challenging environments. These include high power-density motors and generators, linear and rotary actuators and electro-mechanical components/assemblies, many of which are used in flight-critical and defense applications. With an annual turnover of around £3.5M, NEMA are a Rochdale-based SME with 41 staff and a strong apprenticeship program, with well-established links to local youth-development agencies. The Managing Director, Andrew Wilding is a committee member at Rochdale Training Association.

NEMA consists of three complementary divisions on a
single 2000m² site: mechanical parts and assemblies, precision machining and electro-mechanical actuation (EMA). The EMA division is dedicated to the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical assemblies. This comprises the electrical and mechanical design team, precision machining division, winding, impregnation, assembly and test, including advanced CNC and machine tools wire EDM and 3D printing.

There is a separate development test lab containing a second set of power supplies and dynamometers to enable development work to be carried out separately to production. 75kW (regenerative) test rig and 750Nm dyno to increase our service offerings to the next power band. A wide range of cutting-edge FEA, simulation and analysis tools are licensed at NEMA in addition to extensive CAD/CAM functionality. Packages include SPEED, Motor-CAD, Siemens MagNet. In accordance with our BS EN AS9100 accreditation we can carry out first article inspection reports utilising VisualFAIR software.



Tajfun HIL is the technology and market leader in Ultra-high fidelity Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) solutions for design, testing, and validation of power electronics, microgrids, e-Mobility, EV powertrain software testing, and distribution control and protection systems. Typhoon HIL platform ushered a new era of model-based testing and validation of control software and hardware with its embedded, ultra-high fidelity real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) platform. The core technology is based on proprietary numerical algorithms, ultra-low latency application specific processors, and optimized software architecture. Our HIL systems are widely used by engineers in microgrids, solar PV inverters, wind turbine converters, battery storage, marine power systems, motor drives, automotive, and traction industries to speed up time to market, reduce cost of testing, and improve quality and reliability.

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